A person can have a vision about the development of human society and making it conducive for all kinds of positive activities but for its proper implementation and for the achievement of its goals he needs an organization.

Keeping this in View a group of friends with similar ideas and notions , have organized ASHWA (All Social Human Welfare Association) and got it registered under norms of Chhattishgarh Government on 15th January 2007.After registration out hardworking team went to many remote villages of C.G. State and worked for the Welfare of people in those areas. There is no doubt that they faced many hardships in the beginning but they didn't lose their hope and kept on doing the work with great determination . Their hard Work was rewarded when they managed to motivate the people of rural areas about the importance of education , health, and cleanliness.

It was a Challenging task to work in Bastar the most backward area in C.G. State . This district is deprived of modern facilities and other necessities . There was lack of drinking water , low literacy level , ignorance, lack of roadways , indifferent attitude of tribal people, Child Marriage and superstitions. People were addicted to Alcohol and tobacco. They were ignorant about the importance of cleanliness and health.

The Organization tried its level best in undertaking its natural and geographical habitation, availability of natural resources , Customs and Culture of people and their habits. The group minutely studied their problems and tried to find solutions for solving their problems.

At first the organization worked to explain them the importance of education and for that they convinced the villagers to send their children to the school and make them educated . Senior citizens of the village were encouraged to engage some of the educated youths of village for teaching purpose so that everyone in the village should be literate . The Villagers were also advised to seek the service of trained doctor instead of untrained local knacks . Our team got success in may areas of Bastar division.

Most of the land in Bastar is either uncultivated or covered with forest. Rice is the main crop of this region. A Training camp is being organized in many villages and with the help of expert they are being trained to cultivate crops according to season and engage themselves in cottage industries. The villagers are certainly getting many benefits through these Camps.

In Villages most of the People are addicted to alcohol, drugs, tobacco and their intoxication. We are working for the eradication of intoxication the institution is rewarded by Panchayat for its work in this field.

Being Tribal region we have many Folk Sonsg and Folk Dance in Bastar . The local people can play many musical instruments and amuse themselves. They workship deities and goddess Danteswari is the main diety of Bastar.The organization , without interfering in their local beliefs ,working for their welfare . People of Bastar Celebrate many festivals. It is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. The members of our organization also take part in their festivals and take great delights.

The Organization also helps the people in providing water facility , irrigation facility , seeds for cultivation etc.

The Organization also helps villagers for the establishment of Bio Gas Plant, Solar Panel etc. The Villagers are being inspired for the construction of ponds ,protection of living stock, group marriages etc with the help of local self Government(Panchayat.).

In addition to growing crops they were also being encouraged to do cultivation of fruits and medicinal plants. The coil is best suited for the cultivation of Cashew Nuts.The villagers are also being inspired to take interest in games and sports. Games like Kho -Kho , Kabaddi, Football, Volleyball , Archery, Hockey etc are being played by people with great skill. There is no doubt that they have enough talent to achieve anything if given opportunity. Efforts are being made to establish Gymnasium to make the Physically and Mentally fit and Healthy.

Fairs are also organized in villages in which they local people take part actively. The forget their personal differences and show unity to enjoy each and every moment . The entertainment provied through these local faies inspires them for happly and peaceful living . Most of the region in Bastar have dense forest. Many wild animals are found in these living through hunting due to which there is decline of the number of wild animals .

They are Also encouraged to protect their wild life. The Indrawati is the main river flowing in Bastar. It is also called as the life line of Bastar we have many natural caves and waterfalls in Bastar. Every Year people visit thee places and enjoy the beauty of bastar The organization is working for the Protection of natural and historical places of Bastar.