Social Development
Corruption Less Society Developmetn
Work For Agriculture , Forestry, Medicine Development
Natural Resource Development
1. Active co-operation and implementation in the Field of Social , Economic, Educational ,Architectural , Cultural , Science and Literature for their protection 2. To Establish Transparent, clean and corruption Less Society

    3. To Work in the field of Agriculture , Forestry, Medicines Health, Sports , Religion  Heritage, Archeology, Vedic Technology and information , Technological Researches, Conservation of Energy, Wildlife, , Training of Volunteers , Seminar, Workshop, Language, Literature, Ant drugs, Human Right's Protection , Organization of Fairs , Technical Information and its transfer from one generation to another ,group and inter caste marriages, Protection of Cows, Women  and Child Development etc.

4. To work for the development and protection of natural resources like Soil, Water, Energy, Minerals etc. and Bring Awareness among the people about their importance and judicious uses.